What I did this Wednesday…

I was on canteen duty at the kids school today, I start at 11:00am and finish at about 2:00pm at which point I usually hang around doing odd jobs for Uniform Pool rather than go home only to turn round and come back 10 minutes later (school finishes at 2:50pm but we mums tend to arrive about 2:30pm for chat time as we wait for the kids, besides if you come later you end up parked off to buggery).

Problem with this is I don’t usually eat morning tea preferring to have a substantial lunch that then carries me through the afternoon but the freebie lunch provided by the canteen just doesn’t ever do the trick for me. So by the time I got to dinner tonight I was seriously hungry and ended up having rather more of the yummy burritos than I had originally intended and as a consequence haven’t saved as many points as I’d have liked.

I should go and do some walking but I was on my feet a lot today and I’m tired 😦 Also, I haven’t eaten any fruit today, lots of veg but no fruit. I really should be happier about a day that leaves me with 2 points left over shouldn’t I?

Tonight the school junior dance group, of which Caitlin is a member, performed as the half-time entertainment for a basketball game between the Sydney Razorbacks and Cal Poly University. We headed off straight after dinner leaving Adam and the boys at home. I helped with the make-up and then got to sit around chatting with other mums while the kids waited to perform, much more relaxing than being at home doing the bath and bedtime routine. When I got home at 8:20pm the boys were in pjs and playing City of Heroes with Adam and Uncle Gary (it’s an on-line game, Gaz was at his place and talking with Adam on the phone while playing, it’s a kind of a nice way to keep in touch). It took quite a long time to extricate them and bundle them off to bed – 9:30pm before all the lights were out – they’ll be hard to get moving in the morning.

Adam is sitting beside me still playing City of Heroes, chatting to Gaz and occasionally picking up his viking footwear-in-progress and doing a few more stitches. We’re such geeks.

WWC Wk1 Day3

Scrambled egg, bacon & toast – 6pts
Salad sandwich w/ beetroot – 2.5pts
Beef & bean burritos – 14pts
milk for tea – 1pt
Pumpkin & cauliflower soup – 0.5pt

Total for the day: 24

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