Need a laugh?

Head on over to Shapely Prose and read all about spaghetti language.

Spaghetti language is what you speak when you’re half-asleep and you think you’re having a real conversation but actually are spewing gibberish.

Make sure you read the comments too!

I have vivid memories of being the one doing this while reading bedtime stories to the kids. I’d be exhausted from the small-baby-in-the-house effect and reading a favourite book the words of which I knew off by heart. A page would be turned, “yep, I know this bit” I would think, my eyes would drift closed as I recited the text from memory…till “Muuum!” and I would jerk awake with the awareness that I had just spoken at least one full sentence of complete nonsense but with no memory of what I’d actually said. It’s a shame the kids were a little too young to remember for me!

One thought on “Need a laugh?

  1. Thanks for the link, it will keep me busy at work today!!! I remember first dating James and discovering that I’m an owl and he’s a lark. I like to chat in bed, unfortunately he’s useless at staying awake ESP. if the room is dark and warm he’s out like a light. (even during an ultrasound scan of our unborn baby!!!)ANYWAY… In the beginning he’d try really hard to stay awake and chat in bed with me but would ultimately end up replying in gibberish. The best one so far is “Yoda with you and the spiders with the random expiry date **mumble** bum”tee hee. He actually wanted to tell me that he thought the cat I’d brought to bed and placed between us was me prodding him in the bum. Sooo cute.

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