More on the Hillsong thing

Further info on the Hillsong run “personal development course” – another article in the SMH, Hillsong accused of closet zealotry.

What on earth possessed anyone to think that letting a religious group run a class for the kids who have explicitly opted out of any religious studies was a good idea?

“The teacher’s federation representative for Cheltenham Girls High, Doug Williamson, said non-scripture students at the school were being invited to join the Shine program, where they were exposed to religious content.”

At least in that case the parents were apparently informed that Hillsong was running the course and had to sign permission slips for their kids to attend (not that that makes it ok). It would seem that’s not always the case.

“A parent from another Sydney school said students at her child’s school were automatically enrolled in the Shine program if they chose not to attend scripture.”

This, however, makes me proud both to be a Greens voter and a P&C member (I’m the P&C president at my kids’ school).

“The NSW Greens yesterday called for Shine to be suspended while allegations that it put an unhealthy and inappropriate emphasis on physical appearance were investigated. It joined the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens in expressing concern that the program could damage the self-esteem of the at-risk girls it purported to help.”

I do hope they’ll be addressing the issue of the inappropriate religious connections as well as the physical appearance stuff.

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