Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner

Tonight we celebrated the approaching warmer weather with something that has become a bit of a ritual in our house over the last few years. The exact date on which this ceremony will take place cannot be predicted, instead we must wait and watch for the signs to appear and with careful judgment pick just the right moment. The reward must be worthy of the sacrifice that will be made. There must be time set aside for proper appreciation.

And what is this monumentous occasion?

It is The First Mango of the Season.

The first mango of the season

Now, it’s not like we grow these, no this is just a perfectly ordinary and hideously over-priced (that’d be the sacrifice referred to above) supermarket mango. But it represents the weeks ahead during which, upon opening the front door, our house greets us with the aroma of entire trays full of mangoes and we’re allowed a WHOLE MANGO each whenever we want.

Doesn’t that look good?


I bought this particular mango yesterday and when the kids discovered it nestled in the top of the bag of fruit there was unleashed the ravenous clamoring of a trio of veritable mango monsters. But I was cruel. It wasn’t quite ripe enough yet I said. Wait till tomorrow.

So after dinner this evening our inaugural mango of 2008/2009 was carefully divided into strictly equal servings. I claimed my right to the seed on the basis that I was being very generous sharing it at all. The seed of a shared mango is a hotly contested prize and I stand no chance of scoring one for the rest of the season.

My share.

My share

I was hoping to document all participants partaking in this celebration but the boys were too quick for me so I have only the one Mango Monster to show you.

This girl gets seriously excited about fruit.

Mango monster

Now we just have to wait for the prices to come down.

11 thoughts on “Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner

  1. Nice to know your weather is changing as well. I love how you are so talented in cutting up the mango. Never managed to achieve it.When I was at high schhol, my friend and I challenged each us to read books that the other chose. I think she had to read Sweet Valley High, which she abhored. I had to read some Terry Prachet thing. I failed. Definitely can´t do sci fi. Love Modern literature or ficture. Nice black feminist twist type thing – Fay Weldon, Margaret Atwood, etc. But with 2 small children, building site, husband I never see, work, study, (get the picture), I manage better with light haerted fiction I don´t have to think about. Always have a book in my hand, though.

  2. What an AWESOME photo.Seriously it could totally be used for advertising purposes.Perhaps you should send it to the "go for 2&5" people=0)Summer for me is STRAWBERRIES.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. mmmm Mango. I can’t wait until they’re cheap. I could eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner all summer long. Combined with strawberries and navel oranges of course. Actually I think I need to go do go do a big fruit shop tonight.

  4. Oh yum!We too eargerly await the first mango of the season. Just yesterday my eldest asked, “When is it mango season, Mum?” I’ll have to look in the supermarket this week!

  5. So I got a mango at the supermarket tonight. It was so delicious and juicy. Now I want more.You’d never catch me sharing one these days 😛

  6. Bring on summer fruit I say! This time of year is a bit dismal in the fruit department. The apples are dodgy, the mandarins are hideous. The bananas are random. At least the strawberries have been getting better. And the kids like Josephine pears. But I can’t wait for the real summer fruit. I am starting to crave grapes, but my greenie heart just won’t let me buy US ones…

  7. I’m seriously behind in my reading and commenting! I just have to say that I love that face! And I think it’s funny (reading as I am from here in the other hemisphere) to see your spring coming as we get ready for autumn. 🙂

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