I’m androgynous?

Apparently so. Not that I think it means anything really, but there you go….

Your result for The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test…


You scored 73% masculinity and 50% femininity!

You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles.

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8 thoughts on “I’m androgynous?

  1. Me too Mim…but I’m more feminine than you and EXACTLY the same on the masculinity score – freaky!I’m wondering how I can be over 75% of BOTH????Nat

  2. Yeah, the outdatedness is pointed out in the intro – your score says as much about how our cultural expectations have changed over the last 35 years as it does about your personality.

  3. HA!I’m a Dude!I think My James will turn out to be a chick (lol)He’s WAY more gentle, compasionate and sweeter than I (Not that I think that’s what makes one feminine)Personally I think My man is a very manly MAN!!! Actually hang on I’ll do my impression of James on the quiz…. YERP totally Femininehe scored 20% masculinity and 67% femininity!

  4. Fun but I wonder too how my 77 mas and 60 fem can add up to 100 per cent? Anyway – I’ll take solace knowing that I’m androgynous too.

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