Beorg-wic loot

There were market stalls and craft workshops at the camp on the weekend. Adam and I both succumbed to the lure of bigger drinking horns, he now has one that holds 0.7L and mine holds 0.5L.

New drinking horns

Adam got busy in the forge and did some blacksmithing.

Hook and knife

Not bad for a first effort. The knife is quite heavy, holding it makes you want to attack something with it but we restricted ourselves to slicing bread instead (which it did beautifully).

I did a tablet weaving workshop and am now the proud owner of a tablet weaving loom and a few inches of trim for some garment or other.

Tablet weaving loom

Work in progress

We also ended up with a few pendants to put on necklaces and a bag of wool for more tablet weaving. I guess I have some crafting to get on with!

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