Tom has it all worked out

This morning as Caitlin was rummaging through the presents under the tree (as you do when you are 10 years old) she asked me “Why are there no presents here for us from you and Dad?”

Me: “Santa brings you presents. You can pick, do you want presents from Santa or presents from us?”

Tom: “SANTA!” then with a sly grin “But presents from Santa are really from you and Dad.”

Me: “I don’t know about that. Are you sure?”

Tom: “Yeah, ’cause the real Santa wouldn’t come to our house.”

Me: “Oh? Why not?”

Tom: “Because we’re not nice!”

3 thoughts on “Tom has it all worked out

  1. Yep, and I’ll bet he’s not a duck either. Logic is a powerful thing. Of course, there is the fact that Santa has already been to your house, and 2 trips in one year would just be greedy….

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