Happy New Year!

Break out the bubbly folks, we’ve just passed an arbitrarily chosen point in our orbit around the sun, the primary effect of which will be that I won’t be able to write the date correctly for the next 6 weeks or so.

Clearly cause for celebration!

Happy New Year everyone 😀

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi Mim!!! Thank you for stopping by Casa Hice (on Liz’s recommendation) and for the especially nice comment – all the way from Austrailia, I might add.I want you to know that I have visited your blog before because of comments you’ve left at Eternal Lizdom. So nice we have met properly! Here’s a quick sidebar for you (and I have to remember to go BACK to Liz’s blog to add this under the comments section of her “Talents” post…), but one of my special talents is speaking in different world dialects and accents. I’m pretty spot-on on most of them – EXCEPT AUSTRALIAN – which is my favorite. Isn’t that weird? My daughter can speak like a native Aussie – she has the gift, but I just can’t conquer those delicate nuances in the Australian speech patterns. Perhaps you should coach me?Looking forward to spending more time with you. And of course, please stop by Casa Hice anytime. You have a standing invitation and are always welcome.Happy New Year to you and yours!AlixWord verification: “allys.” As it should be!

  2. Just wanted to pop by and wish you a happy new year. I have much to be thankful for, but cannot wait for 2008 to be over. Had an annus horribilis this year where things which were beyond my control happened and I am looking so much forward to 2009 which I am determined shall be better. I will definitely work for it to be a better year than 2008.HAPPY NEW YEAR AND SEE YOU IN 2009!

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