Love my friends award

I received an award from Libertine at The untamed thoughts on … Autism

The Love My Friends Award is given to those bloggers who aspire, inspire and share the most beautiful of human attributes: art, wisdom and friendship. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more.

Art, wisdom and friendship…wow, thank you so much!

As I said in my comment over at Libertine’s blog – what a lovely award – and now I get the fun of passing it on (easily the best thing about blog awards).

Ariane at Ariane’s Little World- for many years of friendship, many 3:00am deep & meaningfuls, and the cutest of first knitting projects
Liz of Eternal Lizdom – Beautiful bloggy friend, wise parent and creator of culinary art.
Sophie of Sophie in the Moonlight – Haiku writer and blog friend, Sophie shares her stories of being bipolar with great generosity. My father and possibly my sister are bipolar and I have learned much that helps me understand them from Sophie’s writing.
Lisa and Ligia of The Mom Files – I’ve been blog friends with Lisa for some years now and I’m very much enjoying meeting her friend Ligia through this new project full of parenting wisdom and great writing.
Penny at Walking Upside Down – if only I lived on the same landmass I might be able to take advantage of Penny’s wonderful eco-hints. Scrapbooker, reader, librarian, parent and a great blog friend.
Natalie at Educating Archie – good mate, inspiring parent and fabulous writer.
Alix at Casa Hice – wonderful blog friend and storyteller extraordinaire.

(I’ll do come fetch your award comments around the place tomorrow – too sleepy just now!)

6 thoughts on “Love my friends award

  1. Thank you so much, Mim. I needed some lovin' today and this award is lovin' in blog bling form. I shall have to incorporate it into today's Friday Haiku somehow.I love you, too!Smooch!

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