Stuff I’m selling

I’ve given up on me ever using my Etsy shop and have decided to go with selling stuff straight from my blog. I’ve put the tablet weaving up and there’ll be jewellery coming soon.

Details and pricing can be found on my shop page, Made by Mim.

Currently woven and ready to go – can also be woven to order

Chevrons - 3m
Chevrons 3m long 13mm wide $75

Ovals - 3.4m
Ovals 3.4m long 16mm wide $85

Kivrim - 3.35m
Kivrim 3.3m long 18mm wide $99

Square snake - 2.6m
Square snake 2.6m long 18mm wide $65

Arrows - 3m
Arrows 3m long 13mm wide $75

Pattern samples – can be woven to order

Tablet weaving
Forgot to measure this one before I sold it – I think it was a tad over 20mm wide. Needs a name too…let’s call it Z&S for now. ($30/m)

4 thoughts on “Stuff I’m selling

  1. You actually wove those pieces?? They're beautiful! Wow – I'm so non-crafty that I just can't imagine being able to MAKE something so lovely. Ruth

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