Mine, all mine!

This is the space just outside Adam’s and my bedroom that used to have the gym equipment in it.

Mine, all mine

We moved the somewhat dog-trashed lounge downstairs, and it’s now flanked by my beading supplies on one side and, on the other, my Grandmother’s old side-table on which sits my laptop and a clock radio. My amp is tucked in in front of the side table and the chesky is doing duty as a coffee table come jewellery making work space. I have a reading lamp and a little shelf for my oil diffuser (to combat the all-pervasive smell of dog :P)

There are two huge bookshelves on the right hands edge of this picture into which I plan to put all my favourite books. The lounge faces our old entertainment unit which houses our old tv and dvd player. It also houses a large amount of clutter at the moment but once it’s cleaned up this is going to be a very pleasant space indeed. In fact I may never leave it!

4 thoughts on “Mine, all mine!

  1. Oooo, I LOVE that!!! Earlier this year, I converted one of our largely-unused rooms into a little library, with walls full of book shelves, comfy chairs, and good reading light. That room has become, by far, my favourite room in the house. I LOVE having a cup of tea in there, curled up with a good book, long after everyone else has gone to bed, or before anyone else is up in the morning. I'm obsessed with keeping it tidy (now that I've put all that work into creating a space that I love!!) and just try to leave something lying around in there…I'll find you out!ANyway, I'm so glad you have our own space, Mim. I have a feeling you're gonna LOVE IT!!!!!!Blessings,RUth

  2. The sushi thing isn't as bad as it sounds, they're all bringing a plate to share so I'm only providing a small-ish amount – not enough to feed the whole class! 🙂

  3. Love it! I just have a small corner of the master bedroom to call my own!P.S. totally can't believe about the sushi for your 9 year old's class party. That's hilariously crazy!

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