I was going to start right back at the beginning but unfortunately my digital photos on my laptop only go back to 2002 so we begin with the four year old and go on from there.

Caitlin 2002

Nov 2002

Caitlin 2003

June 2003 at Rylestone

Caitlin 2004

Oct 2004 at Dad's bring your kids to work day

Caitlin 2005

July 2005 at the first Down Under Browncoats weekend shindig

Caitlin 2006

Sept 2006 in our front garden

Caitlin 2007

Sept 2007 showing off some new clothes

Caitlin 2008

July 2008 at Winterfest

Caitlin 2009

Sept 2009 at Löwenbräu Keller

Caitlin 2010

Aug 2010 with Joss Whedon

Caitlin 2011

Oct 2011 at Beorgwic

And we finish with the birthday girl. Happy 13th birthday to my wonderful, amazing, beautiful daughter.

5 Responses to “Caitlin”

  1. Chally says:

    Aww, happy birthday, Cait!

  2. Ali says:

    Holy Heck look how grown up she looks in that last pic!! She is gorgeous!!! Bet adam is scaring off the boys already!!! It’s so overwhelming that our girls are now 13 years of age!!! And don’t look like little girls anymore!!! Happy Birthday to Caitlin!!

  3. Toni says:

    Wow, time has flown, they are great photos. Happy Birthday Caitlin, have a great day.

  4. Mindy says:

    Happy Birthday Caitlin. Gorgeous photos Mim.

  5. suze2000 says:

    Happy Birthday to Caitlin!

    I had noticed from the recent pics how grown up she looks. 🙂 It also occurred to me that we’ve been watching your kids grow up for quite a while now. How exciting for us all to be a part of it. 🙂

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