Happy New Year

Well, 2012, you were not the easiest year I’ve ever had, what with all the renovating we’ve been doing. It’s been worth it though. There’s more of that to come in 2013 too, as I write this there’s a mostly demolished wall in our bedroom and the power has been turned off in here for 2 days because there were power points on the demolished wall. Good thing we’re on holidays and don’t really need an alarm clock.

For quite some years I’ve said I don’t do New Year’s resolutions but I seem to have changed my mind this year because I went and tweeted the following:

New Year resolutions, or perhaps ongoing hopes: sleep more, read more (books rather than websites), write more and spend less. How? Not sure

So here I am writing something, and when I hit publish I’m going to get right on to that sleeping thing.

Happy New Year everyone, may it bring good things to you all.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you too, Mim!

    I sympathise with you re the renovations. We’ve been there! This time around instead of buying something not quite right and renovating we decided to build so we could get exactly what we wanted in the first place. We also liked the fact the fact that we wouldn’t have to live in a house that was constantly overrun with tradies.

    How did that work out I hear you ask? Hmmm… one year after moving in and we have only just (Christmas Eve) finished getting the LEAK in the roof fixed. (Very long story.) It was a massive operation that involved having the tiles and balustrading removed from a balcony as well as replastering and painting downstairs. So we got to live in a house filled with tilers and plasterers anyway. Yay!

    And is the house exactly what we wanted? Well not quite (we made some mistakes!) but it’s pretty close.

    It’s been a hard slog getting to this point but now that it’s behind me I can smile and say it was worth it!

    Hang in there.

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