Outfit of the day. No, no occasion, just because.

I got up this morning, started to look for my jeans and then changed my mind. I wasn’t going anywhere special or anything but NEW SKIRT! So I wore it. It only seemed right to top the outfit off with the hat. Apparently having Adam take photos of me brings out the goofy face. Skirt – Torrid Hat – Akubra from Strand Hatters Top – Target Tights – We Love Colors Boots – Giovanna Continue reading Outfit of the day. No, no occasion, just because.

Extensions and renovations or “I can dream can’t I?”

I’ve spent a large chunk of today sitting hunched over pieces of paper, drawing, erasing, leaping up to measure walls and furniture, drawing some more, looking up dimensions of various household goods on the internet, erasing again… I think I get it from my mum, I have vivid memories of her doing the same thing (only without the internet research) trying to work out whether it was possible to add another room to the back of the house so the piano could be moved out of the front hall, or if putting a long skinny lap pool in the back … Continue reading Extensions and renovations or “I can dream can’t I?”

Shh, don’t tell anyone…

…I’ve decided to start doing the Couch to 5K program – henceforth C25K on account of keystroke rationing. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, I was just going to quietly get on that treadmill of mine downstairs and see where it took me (yeah, yeah, I know – not very far. /preemptive parenthetical joke). But Twitter was right there and before I knew it my thoughts had leaped from my fingertips to keyboard, serious contemplation became an actual decision and there were a whole bunch of friends saying “Cool idea, we might do it too!” You won’t read anything about … Continue reading Shh, don’t tell anyone…

Passing on the bloggy love

Rather belatedly, but better late than never! A few weeks back the very lovely Chally of Zero at the Bone gave me this: I am most flattered 🙂 Thank you Chally! It comes with an instruction to list 7 things about myself, so here goes: 1. My left ear sticks out further than my right ear. When I was in my teens a doctor once helpfully told me that I could have it “fixed” with surgery but as I have never felt it was broken, and I regard the idea of unnecessary cutting of any part of my body with … Continue reading Passing on the bloggy love

Beef casserole

Aka “I made it up” because that’s what I answered when asked 4 separate times “It smells good, what is it?” 2 tablespoons olive oil4 onions, diced2 sticks celery, diced4 short cut bacon rashers, diced3 cloves garlic, minced1kg diced lean beef4 tablespoons plain flour800g tin crushed tomatoes4 carrots, sliced3 cups water2 Massel beef stock cubes (each cube makes 500mL of stock)2 teaspoons dried thyme1/2 teaspoon allspice2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce1 teaspoon sugarsalt and ground black pepper 1. Heat oil in a large saucepan. Cook bacon, then add onion, celery and garlic and cook until onion begins to brown. 2. Add beef … Continue reading Beef casserole

Thai red chicken curry

I started with Helen’s recipe for Aromatic Thai Chicken and added some bits and tweaked some quantities and ended up with this: 1kg chicken fillet (I used half thigh fillets and half breast fillets)1 onion, diced2 cloves garlic, crushed1/2 teaspoon sugar1/2 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds2 tablespoons Thai red curry paste2 teaspoons fish sauce1 tablespoon lemon juice1 tablespoon peanut oil1 stalk lemon grass, finely chopped1 red chili, seeded and finely chopped (I used one of the larger and milder varieties – 2 birdseye chillies would also work. Or more if you’re not feeding whimpy kids.)1 red capsicum, diced150g snow peas270ml coconut … Continue reading Thai red chicken curry

Spotted in Waitara this morning

An enormous 4WD thingy (I’m so not a car person) with the following things plastered across its rear end: A fish symbolA sticker with the text “Sportsmen for McCain”A sticker with the text “McCain + Palin”A Scouts decal I was…disconcerted. Has someone gone and developed a teleportation device or something? ‘Cause that vehicle seemed a little out of place – though, sadly, only a little. (I may be paraphrasing on the sticker texts, I did consider taking a photo but on reflection I thought perhaps better not.) Continue reading Spotted in Waitara this morning