What we did at Winterfest

After a frantic week of shoe making, cloak hemming and costume tweaking we were more or less ready for our first whole family participation in a Huscarls camp. This was a paid gig for the group and our job was to come along, look authentic, talk to the public and have fun. I think we managed to meet all those criteria fairly well. We arrived at about 8:00am after stopping off to pick up firewood at the servo. Helped with the last bits of setting up camp, fortified ourselves with bacon and egg rolls, mini Dutch pancakes, hot chocolates and … Continue reading What we did at Winterfest

Maiden flight

Adam has a new toy, a radio controlled model aeroplane. Ariane’s other half did a heap of on-line research tracking down the best deal on the various bits and pieces and got them all shipped in for himself and us. Adam picked up his share on Christmas Eve and built the plane on Christmas Day. Then he had to wait till we had the chance to go somewhere with a sufficient lack of trees to give it a go. This morning we all piled in the car and went to a park near Ariane’s place. The launch was successful, the … Continue reading Maiden flight