It’s been a while

Today I stood here at my very own, doesn’t have to be cleared up for anything or anyone else, new workbench in the garage. I got out some of these: Turned on this: And made some glass beads for the first time in almost a year. It took me 90 minutes to make just 4 beads and my technique is rusty at best. But now that I have a permanent work space I’m hoping to start turning out more pretties on a regular basis and also to get on with making some reproductions of period beads for our reenacting. Continue reading It’s been a while

Better late than never?

Many moons ago, back in March to be precise, I participated in a blogging meme titled Want a gift from me? I was supposed to deliver those gifts within a month of posting the offer. Here we are almost 8 months later and it hasn’t been done – man am I ever slack! Time to remedy the situation I think. Alix, Mel and Marjorie, I know the gift was supposed to be a surprise but I have these super cute Christmas earrings so I’m kind of hoping that you all have pierced ears and a fondness for Christmas sparkliness, can … Continue reading Better late than never?

Market day

We held Christmas markets at the school today. In 40 degree heat. (That’s 104F for you non-metric types.) I shared a stall with a friend, it was our first markets for both of us so we had no idea how it would go. Thank FSM that Simone had organised a table cloth and clever deployment of a box for our display, ’cause I completely dropped the bundle on that aspect of things. Our stall It was a bit breezy and the earring displays were exhibiting slight nautical tendencies, sailing across the table every so often. Eventually we managed to arrange … Continue reading Market day

But wait! There’s more…

I’m having that “it’s never-ending!” feeling about life just at present. I rather suspect that when I stop I’m going to crash, Monday may be a bit of a write-off. Yesterday at 7am, after going to bed at 4am (I was working, laptop disaster & database problems legacy), I kicked Adam out of bed to get the kids off to school and went back to sleep. Adam woke me at ten to nine and I hauled myself out of bed, my beading kit out to the car and me, car and kit down to Ariane‘s for a craft day. I … Continue reading But wait! There’s more…

Jupiter jasper

Another riveting edition of stuff wot I made. Jupiter jasper, tiger jasper and sterling silver necklace a couple of bracelets of the same and a bunch of earrings – Jupiter jasper and sterling silver. Grey skies are making this photography business a bit tricky, wish I’d got around to doing number 3 in my 12 things to do this year list. (Wish I’d got around to doing any of them really…) Continue reading Jupiter jasper