Beorg-wic and birthday party reporting

Here we are at the end of two weeks of school holidays and I feel absolutely wiped out. Not because having the kids around has worn thin, they seem to have grown up enough for that not to be such a problem any more. Rather it’s because I’ve spent pretty much the whole 2 weeks with a horrible lurgi. Same thing happened to me last school holidays too. I feel cheated. All I can say is it’s a damn good thing that being a Dark Ages reenactor doesn’t require you to give up paracetamol and anti-histamines as well as plumbing … Continue reading Beorg-wic and birthday party reporting

Beorg-wic was fun

We spent the weekend at Beorg-wic which is the annual conference of the Ancient Arts Fellowship. It’s held at a site on the Danelaw property on the edge of the Moreton National Park near Braidwood. We were there with the Huscarls though only one other group member made it to the camp but everyone there was very welcoming and friendly so that was ok. The weather was marginal, we had a bit of rain each day so we were very pleased to be able to pack up with a dry tent! I wasn’t entirely expecting to be able to say … Continue reading Beorg-wic was fun

Huscarls hillside camp

We went camping with the Huscarls on the weekend and to be perfectly honest I didn’t have much fun. I don’t mind roughing it a bit but I object very strongly to not having any flat ground to sleep on – sliding feet first off my bed multiple times through the night does not make me happy. There were other problems too but I don’t really feel like going into them here. Suffice to say I’ve had better weekends. Which isn’t to say there was nothing good about the weekend. The kids certainly had fun. The weather was good. Clara … Continue reading Huscarls hillside camp