Did I tell you I’ve got a writing gig?

It’s true, I was invited to join the ranks of the authors at Hoyden About Town. Which was in various degrees very flattering, a bit scarey and rather bemusing. The last because it’s not like I’ve been writing much lately, or indeed much of substance on any regular basis ever. So I wrestled with a severe case of imposter syndrome for a while and then said “Ummm, err, ok then, and thankyouverymuch.” So far I have shared my fruit mince pie recipe and linked to a post by gyzym on consuming media critically. Anyway, this should go some way towards … Continue reading Did I tell you I’ve got a writing gig?

January in review

As per my 11 words for the year post here’s where I think I’m at: Sleep – still in deficit but there have been less staying up till the wee small hours nights and, despite being on holidays all of January, remarkably few staying in bed till mid/late morning days.Exercise – there was rather a lot of walking last month, and a bit of swimming too.Organise – my calendar and schedule are all figured out and up to date. Don’t ask about the house.Budget – money? New Zealand holiday, ’nuff said. Time? Well spent 🙂Create – lots of fabulous memories … Continue reading January in review