My new toy

All the cool people are doing it so I thought I’d give it a shot. So here I am…blogging…and I can’t really think of anything particularly clever to say….

Right, forget the being clever, lets just go with taking about what I’ve been doing with myself lately.

I’ve joined Weight Watchers, again 😛 Tomorrow is my first weekly weigh-in and I’m expecting to have good news to share. When you have 60+ kilos to lose the first few come off pretty easily.

Here’s me as I am now. Well, me and a lot of cat 🙂 Jack is the ginger and Samantha is the grey, they’re brother and sister. I need to find a photo that actually shows more of me to use as my “before” shot – easier said than done as I tend to avoid such shots!

Well, I’ve managed to fritter away most of my kid free time today mucking around on the PC and now I have to think about going to pick them up from school – reality strikes again.

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