There’s this thing called execise…

Week 2 and time to get moving. Now this hasn’t been one of my favourite concepts in the past but that is going to change.

Tonight I took the kids to mum’s place and we went for a 2k walk together before dinner. It was enough of a work-out for me even though we were restricted to Tom’s pace, except for the last little bit when the (very unfit) 4 year old legs had given notice to quit and I had to spend the rest of the time cajoling, coercing and dragging Tom the rest of the way home – more exhausting than the actual walking :p

I have myself a plan (not a way, but a plan, which is, in fact, better than a way) for how to get enough moving happening not just for myself but for Tom, Dave and hubby as well (stick insect Caitlin can come along too I guess). My Mum has offered to walk with me in the mornings whenever possible, once or twice a week seems likely. We will walk together as a family at least twice a week, probably on weekends. We will go swimming once a week as a family and hubby and I can take turns looking after the kids while the other swims some laps.

I’ve been looking through the photo albums to try and track down a few “before” photos, here’s what I’ve dug up:

What the hell possessed me to embark on an obstacle course?!
July 2005 ~133kg

“Aaaargh, don’t make me laugh, I’ll fall off!”

A quiet moment in Hyde Park
Sept 2005 ~ 133kg

“Mmmmm…strawberries” – fans of Joss Whedon’s TV show Firefly will get the reference 🙂
Dec 2005 ~133kg

2 Responses to “There’s this thing called execise…”

  1. ZuckerBaby says:

    Obstacle courses, strawberries and picnics with Browncoats – that pretty much sums up 2005 for me! (Well, apart from the obstacle course which I managed to avoid!!)

    I’m so proud of you for your journey to health gain, Mim!! 2006 is the year of Mim…says so right here in my Browncoat Horoscopes 😉

  2. Tracey Anne says:

    Hey, good on you for getting into exercise. That’s my biggest challenge. I’m sure you’ll feel so much better for it. Great blog! Can’t wait to check in and see your progress.

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