Laughter is good for the soul…

…and last night was full of it. Hubby and I went to see Billy Connolly at the Horden Pavilion, we laughed till tears ran down our cheeks – for just over three and a half hours! The man has incredible energy, I thought he was never going to stop, every time he sounded as though he was going to wrap it up off he’d go on another tangent. The finale was a guide to the Opera complete with examples – just hysterical 😀 I hope the cameras that were there were filming for a DVD as well as for the big screen on the night – I want more! The show finished at 11:45pm, we went for coffee afterwards but we still had a quite a long wait to get out of the carpark, unfortunately we’d parked on the top level. It was well after 1:00am by the time we got home, my mum was asleep on the lounge, she’s off to Shakespeare at the Beach tonight, hope she can stay awake 😉

The last few days I was so busy that by late afternoon I found that I’d eaten less than half my points for the day and as I’ve been planning relatively low point meals I was still way behind even after generous serves of dinner. Not good – I don’t want my body doing the “My god, you’re trying to starve me to death!” thing and having the whole metabolism slowdown issue to deal with. The upside is I have plenty of points saved for the weekend 🙂 there’d be even more if it wasn’t for that can’t save more than 4 a day rule 😛 Today I’ve made sure brekky and lunch were a little more substantial.

S’pose I’d better go clean the house up now, I’ve got visitors coming in a few hours for a book party. I’m going to cook the goat’s cheese and red onion tarts from the WW 2006 “everyday cookbook” and make mini fruit kebabs – YUM!

One thought on “Laughter is good for the soul…

  1. May I just say that I am not the jealous type but OH MY GOD!!Love Billy!He great! Losing pronouns!And thankyou soo much for popping a comment on my blog. It would have been rather embarrasing if only my girlie left comments :)Also big congrates on the Weight Watchers thang. I can’t say I know the feelings about dieting but I can certainly relate to changing a lifestyle.

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