Week 3 weigh-in

Well, I’ve lost another 0.8kg, which brings me to 4.4kg lost so far. I did have vague hopes of getting my 5 kg lost bookmark this week but given the way the week turned out I think I’m content with what I’ve done – I managed my three 30 minute exercise sessions for the week and I weathered an entire day of sitting in restaurants and a pub on Saturday without blowing out on points. Not to mention the dire need for comfort.

I picked up my copy of Deadwood, there are 12 episodes so there’s 6 hours of exercise just waiting to happen, wonder how many sessions I’ll manage this week 😉

7 thoughts on “Week 3 weigh-in

  1. Congratulations, Mim – good work during this very difficult week. And avoiding the comfort food thing ain’t helped when you’ve got me jumping up and down and rhapsodising about fried things. Sorry ’bout that… 🙂

  2. ooh well done lady! it’s hard after some bad news too, you’ve done very well.i’m gaining (well, losing) on you though!! i hope.

  3. Nice work this week Mim and I’m so impressed that you kept all your points under control on Saturday – a lesser person would have crumbled on the spot – I know I would have! *LOL*So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Chocky so unexpectedly. It’s great that you were all there to support each other through the shock and pain of losing a friend. Hope you’re having a good week and take care!

  4. hiJust had a read of your blog and you are doing really well, you must be very proud and happy. Sorry to hear about your friend….Hope you have a good week

  5. Hi Mim, I think I found your blog through another one I read…LOLCongratulations on your weightloss so far, I had a quick read through your previous posts. You’re doing so well..you should be so proud of yourself!!Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend…I hope it’s ok to add a link to your blog on mine so I can come back and visit!Cheers~

  6. Hey Mim, congratulations on your incredible 800g loss! That is a fantastic amount to lose in one week. And that 5kg bookmark will be yours SO soon. Keep up the great work. 🙂

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