Party, Pub and Peregrine Falcon…

…or “My Weekend” 😀

Took myself off to the GP to get my vitamin B12 injection on Saturday morning, as usual I’d left it about a week too late and had spent the last half of the week feeling like death warmed up ( I have pernicious anemia and can’t absorb B12 from food). I was still fairly out of it through Saturday but by Sunday all was back to normal. Saturday afternoon we went to my nephew’s 4th birthday – he had a Star Wars party, my sister had sewed him a Luke Skywalker costume and made an R2D2 cake, very shiny! I managed to limit myself to 2 slices of watermelon and a small handful of mini pretzels.

My brother and I at the Starwars party, slack buggers – we aren’t even in costume 😛

After the party we headed out to Penrith to meet up with the Browncoats at iceskating, I didn’t skate but hubby and the kids had a good time.

My daughter Caitlin being indulged by a fellow Browncoat – many thanks Dana!
David, Adam and Tom – Adam reckons his arm was significantly longer after skating 🙂

From skating we went on to dinner at the pub where I endured much torture as those around me ate fish and chips followed by sticky date pudding while I determinedly stuck to salad and an entree sized napolitana pasta. Unfortunately by the time we got home and got the kids to bed I was so worn out and feeling sorry for myself that I totally gave in and reheated the left over Thai food from Thursday night…but was stopped from eating it by my very wonderful hubby who caught me in the act and persuaded me to let him bin the disaster waiting to happen and have something healthy instead, so chicken noodle cup-a-soup it was 🙂

At the pub with the Browncoats

This morning found me feeling sooo much better, thank goodness, we spent the day at Taronga Zoo for my mother-in-law’s birthday (she wanted to do something the kids would enjoy). At the end of the day as we were heading back up the hill to the car I had the rather gratifying experience of feeling inspired to say to the kids “race you up the hill” and then actually running up the hill! (And I must point out that Taronga Zoo has some serious hills :P) In the past when we have spent the day at the zoo I have been left feeling positively ill with exhaustion, I can’t get over what a huge difference the exercise I have been doing made to how I felt today.

Peregrine falcon – gorgeous creature, I’m a sucker for a bird of prey.

And now I think I’d better go to bed!

One thought on “Party, Pub and Peregrine Falcon…

  1. Sounds like you had a stonkingly good weekend! 2 slices of watermelon & a few pretzels at a kiddies party takes some serious will power. Followed by even MORE will power when out eating with the girls – well done!!

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