Went a bit snap happy this morning

I decided I wanted some “revealing all” pics to serve as benchmarks for future comparison. I think I’m kind of glad there aren’t any like this with the extra 9.5kg still on!

I’d just done 45 mins of weights and abs when I got hubby to take these, it’s a testament to my improving fitness and the cooler weather that I’m not dripping with sweat 😛 I can assure everyone there will be no photos of me after a cardio session!

And here I am, fit to be seen in public again 🙂

I seem to be unusually happy today, the sun is shining, I feel like I’m in control, life is good!

2 thoughts on “Went a bit snap happy this morning

  1. It’s the endorphins from the exercise.:)I’ve been feeling better lately too. I think the weather does make some difference, when its sunny I feel more up to getting out and doing something. Last weekend I decided to got for a walk and it was just so lovely outside that I instantly felt better.I just realised that we will both probably hit the 10kg loss at the same time. Well Done!!

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