‘Tis the season :D

Weeee heeee! It’s December! I can wear my Christmas t-shirts, I can turn on the lights we strung up all over the garden last weekend, I can get out all my tacky Christmas stuff and I can go Christmas shopping with the kids at lunchtime on a Saturday in December….Oh my, yesterday was an epic effort šŸ˜® We made jewelry for the grandmas, finished the kids’, and nearly all of my, present shopping and bought a new tree. We were at the shops from midday till 5:30pm – we were all very tired little vegemites.

Today I spent fine tuning the tree decorating (the kids got there first) and tidying up the hideous bombsite that was my loungeroom, I even vacuumed under the lounge cushions. I also repaired a broken singing animated stuffed reindeer – I’m a bit proud of that achievement, it involved unpicking stiches, unscrewing mechanism, working out what was wrong, finding one, but not the other, tiny broken bit rattling around loose inside the mechanism, almost glueing my fingers to each other and to said tiny broken bit with the superglue, panicking that the superglue was getting into the mechanism and gumming up the works (it didn’t – phew!), glueing the right bits together (compensating for missing broken bit with generous application of glue) and then putting it all back the way it was to begin with, and it worked! šŸ˜€ Now I can sit in my clean, tidy and very Christmassy loungeroom and pretend the rest of the house looks as good as this – I wish!

Plan for the week – one room per day to be spring cleaned (OK, I’m running a little late :P)
Monday – Tom’s bedroom
Tuesday – Kitchen
Wednesday – Caitlin’s bedroom
Thursday – Bathroom
Friday – David’s bedroom
Saturday – My bedroom
Sunday – Laundry & 2nd bathroom
If that all works out then Adam should be coming home from a week in the US to order instead of chaos – first time for everything! Wish me luck – and reasonably mild weather ’cause housework, heat and me just don’t mix :-S

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