About bloody time!

This week I am pleased to report my first loss since October! Oh dear….

Anyway, 1.3kg gone in the last week – WOOT! Which brings me to a grand total of 7.4kg lost in total 😛 At least I’m better off than I was this time last year and I’m still wearing clothes 2 sizes smaller so I think I must have swapped a bit of flab for muscle (at any rate it makes me feel better to think that LOL).

When Adam came back from the US in early December he brought with him a Roomba and a Scooba. Best. Investment. Ever. The floors are clutter-free and clean and, because the roomba is scheduled to run every 2nd day, they stay that way! It’s like a FlyLady shiny sink for the whole house 😀

I’m being summoned to put new Bionicle bed-clothes on my son’s bed – a mother’s work is never done 😛

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