Monday mundanities

Took the kids shoe shopping today, $250 later and we’re all set for school. Tom won’t take his school shoes off LOL Which is good ’cause they should be nicely broken in before school starts and won’t give him blisters – he’s a barefoot boy most of the time so real shoes is going to be a bit of a shock to his feet.

I’ve sent off the dance school enrolment form, Caitlin will be doing Ballet, Jazz and Tap this year and Tom is signed up for Jazz. I’m breathing a sigh of relief that none of the classes clash with the swimming lessons which we had to book at the end of last year before I knew the dance timetable.

This evening I’ll be doing some house cleaning, pre-school enrolments admin, uniform pool accounting and, most importantly, getting started on packing for BDAM. “What the heck is BDAM?”, I hear you ask. It’s the Big Damn Adelaide Meet of course, 4 days at Aldinga Holiday Park with Browncoats from all over Australia, after which we will be spending 4 days in the Barossa Valley and a couple more days in Adelaide before coming back to the joys of the first week back at school. I have Uniform Pool duties on the pupil-free Monday and I’m on Canteen duty on the Wednesday 😛

Time to get the kids off to bed….

2 thoughts on “Monday mundanities

  1. Hey Mim – sounds like it’s all systems go at your place. You won’t know yourself when everyone’s at school next week. Hope you enjoy the last of the school holidays and good luck with weigh-in this week.Trisca.. xoP.S. I want a Scooba too!!!

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