Quick! Look over there!

While I quickly document the stuff-up that was Friday…

Wait a minute, you’re still here. Never mind I’ll leave the confession till the end of the post. Perhaps you’ll be bored by then and won’t bother reading it, she says assuming that anyone bothers reading any of the food diaries…interesting question – does anyone read them?

So, today, better than average, expensive though. Why am I such a sucker for indulging my kids when they so don’t need any more STUFF!? Caitlin got her ears pierced (that was planned – early birthday present type thing). Then we had gelato…it was necessary, really. Next was buying a birthday present for one of Caitlin’s friends. Then I was planning on grabbing some groceries and heading home for lunch. So someone explain to me how I ended up not only buying the birthday present in question but also: putting on lay-by a huge lego set for Santa to bring David (had to be sneaky about that one so Tom wouldn’t notice); buying a Smiggle eraser (for Tom) and gel pen set (for Caitlin) that neither of them needed; agreeing to a free model painting lesson at Games Workshop (Tom painted Gandalf and Dave painted Gimli) and getting slowly worn down by the fact that both the boys had so much fun doing the painting and then joining in one of the games that was running at the time, such that by the end of the exercise I was walking out of the place having spent a ludicrous sum of money on small plastic figurines and painting supplies; and then finally canceling a lay-by at another shop and letting Caitlin spend the non-refundable deposit on yet more stuff we don’t need.

On the up-side Caitlin declared to me today that I am the best mum ever. And I don’t think it was ONLY her mercenary streak speaking….

The boys just squabbled over the miniatures.

Bored yet? Here’s Friday’s food diary.
Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, spinach and capers on an english muffin – 9pts
Sushi and sashimi – 6pts
BBQ chicken and greek salad – 10pts
milk for tea – 1pt
Muffin Break WW muffin – 3.5pts
McDonalds chip stolen from kids – 1pt
rice crackers and french onion dip – 10pts
low fat brownies – 6pts
bread roll with butter and vegemite – 3.5pts
Hot chocolate milk – 4pts
no idea, plenty though
Total points for the day: 54

Holy crap. Bad day.

Today on the other hand? Back on track and doing fine πŸ™‚ I’m not sure if this is the first time I’ve managed to come back from a full-blown binge and be back on track the very next day, I suspect it may be, anyway, I’m feeling pretty good about it!

weetbix, two fruits and milk – 3pts
Pasta in tomato and herb sauce, low-fat roast potato, greek salad and a small piece of garlic bread – 9pts
Crumbed fish, homemade wedges, peas carrots and tartare sauce – 8pts
milk for tea – 1pt
low-fat brownie – 2pts
mango gelato – 1.5pts
Lots of walking at the shops
Total points for the day: 22.5

Yikes! I just remember the cats are still outside and have probably given up on dinner and gone for decimating the wildlife instead – bye!

2 thoughts on “Quick! Look over there!

  1. Ello!I read everything you blogI’m your number one fan…LOLI’m sending you two virtual smacked bottoms! One for indulging your tummy and the other for indulging the kids!!!ahh Who am I kidding I have the worlds most spoilt 15 month old.Thanks for your honestyWhen ever I slip up I just keep quiet (mostly)(Re visited the serenity special features and found you!!!) James was most impressed.

  2. I read about half the tracking posts… No idea why. πŸ™‚ I am amazed that you tracked a bad day. I do not want to think about what I ate post-dinner last night…

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