Dead car dinner delivery

I completely failed to actually buy the stuff I needed to cook the meal I had planned for tonight and when Adam asked what we were having for dinner I said all I cared about was not thinking about it. So we ended up getting Indian takeaway. And when Adam went to drive home from picking it up, his car broke down. And he’d left his phone at home. Fortunately the restaurant is within walking distance of our place, so he did the heroic thing and delivered our dinner on foot. I doubt it makes up for the 2 samosas he ate though. He’s left the car in the carpark, and seeing as tomorrow is a public holiday we’ll deal with it on Tuesday. At least it didn’t die before he got home from his sailing course, it would’ve been so much fun to bundle the kids into my car and drive for 45 minutes to fetch him.

egg and bacon muffin – 4pts
Rice paper roll – 1.5pts
4 seed bread roll with ham, cheese, tomato, baby spinach and dijon mustard – 3.5pts
Indian takeaway (including a samosa at 4.5pts) – 16.5pts
milk for tea – 1pt
banana mountain bread wrap – 2pts
30min walking with the kids – 2 bonus points
30min resistance workout – 2.5 bonus points
Total points for the day: 28.5 (used 3.5 bonus points)

I really shouldn’t have had the samosa.

Yoda’s weekly challenge – week 5
My challenge to myself for next week is to keep my computer time each day to less than 4 hours and to be in bed by 10pm each night.

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