The lamb shanks were calling my name

We took David out for dinner at The Ranch after the session at the Anxiety Clinic because I’d promised to as a bribe/compensation for his co-operation in going there in the first place. The session went well, the other families involved seem lovely people, the staff were great and David was reasonably relaxed about being there. Hopefully over the 10 weeks we’ll all learn some good techniques for dealing with the things that make Dave’s life more difficult than it should be. It’s on at a bugger of a time though, 6:00 – 8:00pm, not that any other time would work better given the both parents being there thing.

Banana & large skim cappuccino – 3pts
Beef pho (I could only eat about 2/3 of it) – 6pts
Slow braised lamb shanks with roasted root vegetables and parsnip mash and a glass of red wine – 16.5pts (mostly guesswork)
milk for tea – 0.5pts
1 rice cracker and cheese – 1pt
Chai tea with honey – 3.5pts
Total points for the day: 30.5

I really should have ordered a salad but my resolve was weak. I think I was a little stressed over how the afternoon and evening were going to work out, perfectly fine as it turned out but I was definitely craving comfort food. So I’m in debt 5.5 points at the beginning of the week and we have Tom’s birthday party on Sunday – better get off my bum at some point and do some exercise!

2 thoughts on “The lamb shanks were calling my name

  1. At least the session at the anxiety clinic didn’t cause too much anxiety! I hope it proves a useful exercise for everyone involved, it’s certainly no small effort.

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