Friday Fragments

Hosted by Mrs4444. Time for the end of week mental declutter that is Friday Fragments. Let’s see what’s floating about in here shall we? **** I did my 6th Kiva loan this week, which apparently makes me an average Kiva lender. Must do better. I’m going to stop buying Macca’s coffee on work mornings and instead do a Kiva loan each month. There’s a perfectly good coffee machine at work anyway. **** The church notice board that I was venting about on Thursday last week has gone from offensive to merely bemusing. It now reads “Without God the world is … Continue reading Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 14

Hosted by Mrs4444. I’ve less of my own fragments and more of the linkfest stuff to share this week. Don’t forget to pop on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time when you’re done here and check out all the other Fragmented Friday-ers! **** After watching all three extended version Lord Of The Rings movies this week David came to me at bedtime tonight and asked “Where’s The Hobbit?” Amazingly enough I actually knew where one of our copies was. A few minutes later I could hear him giggling to himself as he read. To appreciate the true significance of this it’s … Continue reading Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 14

Making plans

No resolutions, no grand plans for the year, no lists of things to accomplish. Just the intention to plan ahead a little bit at a time and try not to let things get too overwhelming. By the end of last year I was really not doing too well, I had made too many commitments and left myself stretched way too thin. I kept thinking it should be ok, I wasn’t really short of time and other people were managing to do as much and more without crumbling into a heap. But I’m not other people, I’m me and I have … Continue reading Making plans

Bloody dog

We went out for dinner tonight. Just up the street to Istana and we went early – 6:00pm. Food was pretty good, very quick service, I think they were trying to get rid of us before the crowds turned up, we were back home in about an hour. When we opened the front door we were greeted by Clara bouncing around, grinning at us like a maniac and pretty much behaving as though she hadn’t seen us for a week. It was all rather amusing and I commented to Adam that she must just be really happy that we hadn’t … Continue reading Bloody dog

Seventeen years

In September of 1988, one month shy of my 18th birthday I went to a party I had not been invited to. My best mate’s girlfriend had been invited so we figured that was close enough. I knew a fair few of the people there, well, their faces and names at any rate, they were people who had been 2 years ahead of me at high school. It was a pretty good party, we danced and were silly and there may have been some booze involved (ok, there was definitely half a bottle of vodka involved but SHHH don’t tell … Continue reading Seventeen years


We went to the pool today, it’s not our closest public pool, there’s one at Hornsby too but this one at West Pymble is in such a lovely setting that it’s well worth a few extra minutes drive to go there instead. You can see what I mean from the Google satellite image This is the pool I used to come to for swimming lessons in the summer holidays when I was a kid, I have vivid memories of doing water safety and having to jump into the olympic pool fully dressed, tread water for a while and then swim … Continue reading Splash!

Kids and animals are a bugger to photograph

I started out this morning with the intent of having a decent photo of each of the kids and pets with which to illustrate the ever so fascinating story of my Sunday. I should know better than to make plans that depend on kids and animals behaving for a camera. The short version of my day goes like this: Get out of bed several hours later than intended (must have needed that sleep-in). Flail ineffectually at the chaos in the house (Adam has done wonders with it today as I came and went). Take Clara to dog park, forget to … Continue reading Kids and animals are a bugger to photograph

Birthdays galore

Thursday was my birthday, I scored omelet for breakfast, a Dr Who calendar, Bill Bailey dvd, Goodies dvd, a couple of books of medieval tunes sheet music and the Spicks and Specks trivia game. I spent my day doing present shopping for Tom and having lunch with my mum and grandma. In the evening my mum and dad came with us for teppanyaki at Fujiya, which was entertaining and scrumptious, and there may have been some red bubbly and sav blanc involved. Good day 🙂 Today was Tom’s birthday, we celebrated by taking five of his friends to Sydney Wildlife … Continue reading Birthdays galore

Margaritas and fajitas

We went out for dinner tonight, we headed off without a destination in mind, took Adam’s mum grocery shopping and then dropped her home (she’d spent the day at our place just hanging out but was too tired to come out for dinner). As we pulled out of the driveway at mum’s place we settled on somewhere at Crows Nest or North Sydney. Adam suggested Had to Happen (he’s been there a few times for work lunches). Well. Margaritas and all you can eat fajitas, who could say no? Not me, that’s for sure! I stuck with the traditional margaritas … Continue reading Margaritas and fajitas