Tom’s 6th birthday party

On Sunday I braced myself and opened my house to 4 extra 6 year olds! The horror! I’m such a wuss when it comes to kids’ parties, I stress and I don’t enjoy them, but the kids seem to have fun so I must be doing something right. As usual my very wonderful mother was there to help out.

There were presents – and a silly big brother.

We decorated lolly boxes – a very serious business.

And ate party food – mmmm suuugaaar.

The end.

Actually there was pass-the-parcel, beat up the daddy-viking (who was wearing a woolen tunic in 30-odd degree heat!) with rubber swords, bash-the-pinata AND destroy The One Ring as well, but the pics of that stuff were either not so good or non-existent. But you get the idea.

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