OOTD – Necklace pressie edition

This whole post is really just here so I can show off the lovely pendant in the last photo, but hey, may as well get the whole ensemble on record as well. There’s that bloody hat again.  Hat – Strand hatters Necklace – gift Top – Torrid Pants – Target Shoes – Colorado I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what elicited that look from me when I asked Adam to photograph the pendant. My beautiful 40th birthday present from my brother and his family Continue reading OOTD – Necklace pressie edition


I turned forty a couple of weeks ago. My mum asked me recently how did it feel being 40 and I said it feels pretty much like being thirty felt, or even twenty. I’m quite sure I have changed over that time, what with the getting older and having kids and all, but in some fundamental way I don’t feel any different. I don’t think back to who I was as a newly married 21 year old and wonder what happened to that person, she’s still right here. For me forty seems full of possibilities. My kids are getting older … Continue reading 40

But wait! There’s more…

I’m having that “it’s never-ending!” feeling about life just at present. I rather suspect that when I stop I’m going to crash, Monday may be a bit of a write-off. Yesterday at 7am, after going to bed at 4am (I was working, laptop disaster & database problems legacy), I kicked Adam out of bed to get the kids off to school and went back to sleep. Adam woke me at ten to nine and I hauled myself out of bed, my beading kit out to the car and me, car and kit down to Ariane‘s for a craft day. I … Continue reading But wait! There’s more…

It’s a dead man’s party…

“Who could ask for more?Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the doorLeave your body and soul at the door . . .” Tom’s 8th birthday party in fact, he asked for a Halloween themed party and wanted a cake in the shape of Gachnar the fear demon from Buffy. It’s nice to know he has such faith in my decorating skills (last year 2 years ago he asked for a Balrog). Yeah, no Gachnar I’m afraid. Instead he’s getting this: The scale is all wrong but I can’t imagine anyone is going to care. It’s in the fridge at the … Continue reading It’s a dead man’s party…

Time to edit my “About Me” blurb

At the moment it reads: Hi, I’m Mim, a 38 year old mother of three (David 12 yrs, Caitlin 10 yrs and Thomas 7 yrs). I spend my time doing mum stuff, volunteering at the kids’ school, making jewellery and occasionally pretending to be a viking and I also work part-time for a small magazine publisher. I’m a book addict and I’m always in need of new bookshelves. I have a dog, 2 cats and a 4 foot fish tank with one lonely fish in it. To begin with, 3 of the numbers in the first sentence changed in the … Continue reading Time to edit my “About Me” blurb

Adam missed seeing Santa – AGAIN!

Every single year it happens, just when Adam has had to duck out to run an errand or fix a problem, there’s the call of “Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!” and this big guy in a silly red suit turns up at our Christmas party with a sack full of gifts for all the kids. Saturday afternoon was no different…. This year our Christmas party doubled as Adam’s 40th birthday party but slack buggers that we are there was no cake and we never actually sang Happy Birthday to him. Poor Adam, no Santa and no birthday song either. What … Continue reading Adam missed seeing Santa – AGAIN!

Happy (belated) 98th birthday Grandma

On Friday I had lunch with my mum and my grandma. I was one day late seeing Grandma for her birthday and missed out on being part of the larger family gathering the night before but there were advantages to being there just with my mum and the birthday girl. Grandma finds it very difficult to hear people when there’s a lot of background noise (though her new hearing aides are helping) so it’s much easier to carry on a conversation with her with no-one else around. We talked about curries and Chinese food – Grandma is a fan of … Continue reading Happy (belated) 98th birthday Grandma

Birthdays galore

Thursday was my birthday, I scored omelet for breakfast, a Dr Who calendar, Bill Bailey dvd, Goodies dvd, a couple of books of medieval tunes sheet music and the Spicks and Specks trivia game. I spent my day doing present shopping for Tom and having lunch with my mum and grandma. In the evening my mum and dad came with us for teppanyaki at Fujiya, which was entertaining and scrumptious, and there may have been some red bubbly and sav blanc involved. Good day 🙂 Today was Tom’s birthday, we celebrated by taking five of his friends to Sydney Wildlife … Continue reading Birthdays galore