It’s too EARLY!!!!

My kids have taken to wandering around the house singing Christmas carols and when I got home last night Tom and Caitlin had dug out the animated music playing stuffed reindeer and Santa. I made them put them back in the cupboard till December because I’m mean like that. Besides, I have an unreasonable desire to hang on to my sanity for just a little bit longer and a dozen repetitions of “We wish you a merry Christmas” while I’m trying to make lunches and get the kids to eat breakfast is guaranteed to drive me barmy!

Other signs that Christmas is approaching:
Caitlin has started her letter to Santa. In fact I think the first draft is done and she’s ready to do the good copy.
David read us Twas The Night Before Christmas tonight.
And my front hall has bags of fairy lights strewn about the place waiting to be put out in the garden.

Of course in three weeks time I’ll be writing the post titled “Help, I’m not ready!”, so perhaps it’s not too early and I should seize the opportunity to get myself really organised. Wonder if I can get all my pressie shopping done by the end of the month….

3 thoughts on “It’s too EARLY!!!!

  1. It seems way to early for Christmas but this time last year I had finished Christmas shopping. Not this year! My Caitlin has finished her shopping (but she’s 12 and only has 4 people to get pressies for!)Good on you with the weight loss too -it gets harder this time of the year. I put on about 3-4 kgs a month or so ago and have to lose 1.5 to get back to my lowest. Determined to do it this week!

  2. Xmas is being dragged out wayyyy too far in advance for my liking. I’m just absolutely not ready for it.Thanks for your comments on my post today Mim. Shakespeare and cool maths – it certainly rocked her world!Take it easy…Nat

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