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Jan 18th, 2013

Friday Fragments – Heatwave edition

It’s been quite some time since I’ve put together a Friday Fragments post, let’s see if I remember how this goes! Today has been the hottest day ever on record in Sydney, 45.8°C (114.4°F) at Observatory Hill in the city. My Twitter stream and Facebook newsfeed are full of screenshots of people’s weather apps and […]

Oct 14th, 2011

Friday Fragments

I’ve had a horrible week of ear infections and misery, my brain has been mush all week and I’ve achieved nothing much other than watching lots of episodes of House on DVD. So I haven’t got much by way of fragments for you, but we’ll give it a go anyway. You may remember back at […]

Sep 25th, 2011

“I Do” or How I spent my Sunday

Caitlin and I headed in to the city this morning to meet up with friends from the Hoyden About Town blog community. We met in the Queen Victoria Building at about 11am and settled down for a couple of hours of coffee, chatting and comestibles. This on its own was an entirely satisfactory use of […]

Sep 4th, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

There are many reasons why Adam is awesome. He produces delicious sourdough bread on a semi-regular basis. He takes on such projects as the sewing of reenactment clothes with enthusiasm and drive that gets me off my struggling-with-a-mood-downswing butt (hello *waves* that’s why the blog silence recently, almost wasn’t going to write this either). I […]

Jul 17th, 2011

Sundays in My City

We went bowling this morning, it’s been a long time between visits to the bowling alley and we were all rather rusty. But no children’s tempers were lost and no muscles were pulled so all was well. We came home and had a BBQ lunch and sat around chatting for a while before finally deciding […]

Apple Slinky

Jul 15th, 2011

Friday Fragments

Picking up the pieces of the past week, festooning the fragments of the last few days about the place, collecting the crumbs left in the crevices of your mind – whatever you want to call it, Friday Fragments here we come! This afternoon on Twitter @Doc_Samantha linked to the following pieces from on Somalia: […]