Pottery and politics

Today we voted then drove for 40 minutes to the leather supplies place where we spent more money than planned because there’s no point going that far if you’re not going to make it worth your while.

Then it was back home grabbing lunch on the way, we picked up some stuff and headed up to Gosford to the Huscarls meet. Today was a craft day rather than training, we had 12kg of clay to play with. People were making oil burning lamps, bowls, jugs and cups. Adam and I managed a very nice ewer (him) and 5 cups (2 him, 3 me), so if they all survive the firing process we have a full set for the family. Caitlin went crazy and made 4 pieces herself, the boys didn’t get involved but I reckon they’d have fun with it if I get some clay for us to play with at home.

We got so caught up in watching the election coverage that we forgot to put the kids to bed! It was nearly 10:00pm before they were tucked in – oops! I’m sitting here watching on the ABC as Howard arrives to give his concession speech…here goes…and it’s done. Hallelujah.

One thought on “Pottery and politics

  1. ewer? What’s a ewer? it started out as cup and then morphed into a pot and finally a urn, i stopped myself before it turned into a jug.

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