Beorgwic was…wet

We left home rather later than we had intended for our trip to Beorgwic, the annual event hosted by the Ancient Arts Fellowship at the Danelaw property in the Southern Highlands. As we drove south I tweeted my fear that we would be putting the tent up in the rain, what I didn’t quite anticipate was that it would also be be dark. Pitch black dark. We put the tent up in the rain and freezing cold by torchlight. I am so very glad that putting up a geteld is incredibly quick. (Many thanks to Talisien of Blue Draco for … Continue reading Beorgwic was…wet

Clans on the Coast

I’m sunburned. So is Adam. But for some reason the kids seem fine, at worst they have a slight rosy glow on the cheeks. Yeah, I completely forgot to take sunscreen with us today…look, it was DARK when we left the house, the sun was the last thing on my mind! We dragged ourselves out of bed at 5:00am and managed to be on the road a bit before 6:00am with half a lumber yard in the back of the car. Pretending to be Vikings involves lots of wood. Made it to Nelson Bay by about 8:00am and got all … Continue reading Clans on the Coast

Seems I haven’t forgotten how

On Sunday we headed out to North Richmond for a Huscarls training and crafting day. Tom was all set to spend the day weaving, so I decided I should break out the tablet weaving loom and get back into doing that for the first time since October last year. The only question was, would I be able to remember how it worked? Oh, and “where the hell are all the bits of the loom?” (We found everything except the patterns so I made one up.) Turns out the answer is yes, I do remember, and here’s the results – just … Continue reading Seems I haven’t forgotten how

Lithgow Ironfest

Yesterday we hauled ourselves out of bed at 6:15am and headed off to Lithgow for a day at Ironfest with my mum in tow. The Huscarls had a paid gig there to provide a living history display so a bunch of them were camping Friday and Saturday nights but we decided it was all too hard and that we’d just come up for the day. I packed my bead making stuff but didn’t end up using it as the club trestle table hadn’t made it to the camp. When we arrived I couldn’t wait to get into my dark ages … Continue reading Lithgow Ironfest

Beorg-wic and birthday party reporting

Here we are at the end of two weeks of school holidays and I feel absolutely wiped out. Not because having the kids around has worn thin, they seem to have grown up enough for that not to be such a problem any more. Rather it’s because I’ve spent pretty much the whole 2 weeks with a horrible lurgi. Same thing happened to me last school holidays too. I feel cheated. All I can say is it’s a damn good thing that being a Dark Ages reenactor doesn’t require you to give up paracetamol and anti-histamines as well as plumbing … Continue reading Beorg-wic and birthday party reporting

Huscarls hillside camp

We went camping with the Huscarls on the weekend and to be perfectly honest I didn’t have much fun. I don’t mind roughing it a bit but I object very strongly to not having any flat ground to sleep on – sliding feet first off my bed multiple times through the night does not make me happy. There were other problems too but I don’t really feel like going into them here. Suffice to say I’ve had better weekends. Which isn’t to say there was nothing good about the weekend. The kids certainly had fun. The weather was good. Clara … Continue reading Huscarls hillside camp

Menu plan 18 Aug 08

Damn I’m exhausted. There’s no way I can face both grocery shopping with the kids AND cooking tonight so home delivered pizza it is. I’ll drag myself up to the shops once the kids are in bed.Last week’s plan worked out pretty well. We swapped Wednesday with Friday and Caitlin had her instant noodles when we were eating roast goat on a spit on Saturday night. MondayPizzaFruit & yoghurtTuesdayHoney lamb casserole, rice and broccoliIce cream & fruitWednesdayBBQ seafood kebabs (garlic prawns, tuna, scallops), rice and stir fry vegCrepes – didn’t manage this last week, shall try againThursdaySausages, mashed potato & … Continue reading Menu plan 18 Aug 08

Queensland dispatches

I’m posting from Brisbane, we’ve just spent two days at Abbey Medieval Festival. We’re happy, tired and broke. And the kids are trying to kill each other. Fun times. Somehow or other, despite Dave, Tom and I all having the horrible lurgi all week we managed to get all the post-Winterfest laundry done (all right, Adam did the laundry) and get ourselves packed up and ready to head off to Queensland on Friday morning. We were on the road at 6:30am, Adam did the driving, I was no use drugged up on Codral and snoozing most of the way. A … Continue reading Queensland dispatches