Maiden flight

Adam has a new toy, a radio controlled model aeroplane.

Ariane’s other half did a heap of on-line research tracking down the best deal on the various bits and pieces and got them all shipped in for himself and us. Adam picked up his share on Christmas Eve and built the plane on Christmas Day. Then he had to wait till we had the chance to go somewhere with a sufficient lack of trees to give it a go. This morning we all piled in the car and went to a park near Ariane’s place.

The launch was successful, the plane flew beautifully….

….the landing needs some practice!

The commentary on the video is due to the fact that I couldn’t see a thing on the camera screen as I filmed and was having some no small difficulty ascertaining whether I was getting anything other than the sky in shot – turns out I did OK though Adam wants to know why I didn’t zoom in, I’d have missed most of the flight if I’d done that I’m sure.

As we headed back from the park in the car Adam mentioned that his back was sore and I said it was probably because Tom had been in our bed with us from 2:00am onwards. This prompted me to turn around with the intent of laying down the law to Tom on the subject of staying in your own bed, but what I actually said was “Um…where’s Tom?”

Yes, we’d driven off and left him playing on the swings in the park. Adam pulled over and went back for the small boy who had just noticed that we’d all disappeared on him. Fortunately he thought it was funny. Phew!

We retired to home base and had BBQ lunch cooked by our celebrated pilots after which Ariane and I sat around chatting while the big boys went off to the study and spent some more money on aeroplane bits, I think we’ll be going through quite a few.

Incidently, the other plane crashed too, after mere seconds of flight, it lost its propeller but seemed otherwise ok-ish.

2 thoughts on “Maiden flight

  1. Haha! Big boys and their toys. Note to self: don’t let Adam talk to Darren next time we see each other, could be dangerous. šŸ˜€

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