I have net!

We’re in Albury and even though I didn’t ask Adam has indulged me by hooking me up to the hotel broadband – I wasn’t going to ask ’cause the desk is in the room where the kids are sleeping so I’m sitting here in the dark risking disturbing them with the glow of the laptop and the click of the keyboard.

The trip has been great so far, the DVD players did a stellar job keeping the kids occupied and us sane on the road. The campsite was gorgeous, the weather was just right, we swam, I finally got to shoot with my longbow (and my technique sucks – I have the bruises to prove it), there was good company and fun times.

I have been blogging on paper in the absence of a net connection but I can’t type those stories up right now on account of not being able to read in the dark, you’ll have to wait till I’m on home ground. It’ll be worth the wait for the storm story if nothing else.

We’re back on the road again tomorrow, but perhaps with a slight detour to the Rutherglen wineries before we head north. You can never have too much good muscat on hand 😀

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