We’re all going on a summer holiday…

*no more working for a week day or two*

My mum used to sing that as we headed off on our many camping holidays way back when. It just popped into my head now as I was playing around with the phrase “we’re off on a holiday” trying to make it sound vaguely interesting. I shall have to remember to annoy the kids with it tomorrow afternoon on our way south. They find it disturbing when I start serenading them with the songs my parents used to sing. There’s “Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow” (obvious application here), “It’s a long way to Tipperary” (good for use in response to “Are we there yet?”), “I can see the seaside” (for stating the bleeding obvious), “Country Road” (for when traveling on said type of road) and “Cloudy” (for grey weather, of course) among others.

Ah, the good old days when we didn’t even have so much as a tape player in the car, relied on 4×80 aircon (4 windows open traveling at 80km…what’s that? the speed limit is 100 here? don’t be silly, the car won’t do that on a road like this), taking the scenic route (Alright, next time we’ll take the front of the convoy and the others can breathe our dust…). You really knew you were traveling then, none of this sitting in climate controlled comfort watching DVDs and playing DS games….

DEAR GOD THANKYOU for modern conveniences!!!!! We’ll be driving to Yass tomorrow afternoon and then on to the Mornington Peninsula on Friday, with any luck we might even arrive sane. Then we’re driving back again on Monday. Which clearly negates any claim to sanity right there and then. Why are we doing this? It’s the Browncoats of course, another Big Damn Meet – BDooM! So I’ll be back on blog Monday night, unless I can get my mobile blogging thing working – don’t hold your breath on that one though.

Now, I should probably start packing….

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