No gelato for me

We went out for dinner with friends tonight. Nice and early so the kids would be civilized. Well. Not so much with the civilized.

We’ve been taking our kids to all kinds of restaurants from very early on, they’re usually pretty good, and really they were ok for most of the time tonight too. However, I was getting pretty annoyed with Tom while we were waiting for our meals as he kept draping himself all over me, hugs are one thing attempted smothering is another. When that was paired with David grinding his head into my shoulder on the other side I was driven to insist on having my personal space to myself. Then there was the other two driving Tom to tears by telling him to stop talking about Alvin and the Chipmunks which we’d been to see with my dad yesterday (I do empathise with the desire to shut him up though). Once the food arrived things settled down nicely and I was able to enjoy my greek salad and seafood risotto with only the occasional reminder to the kids to keep their voices down, but once they finished, and we adults were still eating, they began to get sillier and louder. I several times reminded them that they needed to have some consideration for other people at the restaurant. They asked for dessert and were told we would go to Gelatissimo on the condition they behaved while we finished our meal. A couple of minutes later there was a shriek from Caitlin and I turned to see David in the act of pulling her hair! Apparently this was in retaliation for her pinching him. “Right, no ice-cream for you two.”

Tom was sitting between Adam and I and was still eligible for gelato as were our friends’ kids so David and Caitlin glowered, sulked and wept as the others got their desserts, then we said our goodbyes and headed for home.

But what really pisses me off about all this is that I was totally intending to have a coffee gelato but decided I couldn’t add insult to injury by eating ice-cream at Dave and Cait as well as being the one who’d said they couldn’t have any.

I feel cheated 😦

6 thoughts on “No gelato for me

  1. Me three !!! Miss 2 (Emma) can be such a cow when we are out and Mummy has to be the big bad wolf when it comes to saying “no” – Daddy is wrapped around her little finger!Go and get some for yourself!!! or have something just as yummy and points friendly! Why should you miss out?

  2. The meal wasn’t quite relaxing! though the food sounded good. I’m going to enjoy hearing more of your life this way!

  3. Heeheee! Yay, my mum has found her way to my blog…hang on…maybe that’s not so good! Nah, I always say nice things about mum 🙂 It’s all good.

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