Menu plan 7th April 08

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a menu plan pinned to the cork board in the kitchen and let me tell you it has not been good. We’ve eaten some very odd (shopping not done), late (paralysed by not knowing what to cook and leaving it to the last minute to produce dinner) and boring meals (not spag bol again!) in that time, plus spent way more than we should on takeaway food and eating out. So, back to the planning we go. Nothing particularly new or interesting this week, just the fun of a birthday party at the end of the week.

Mango chicken curry & rice
Fruit & yoghurt
Beef casserole – not sure exactly what version yet, probably beef bourguignon.
Fruit & yoghurt
Baked fish parcels & wedges
Fruit & yoghurt
Chicken rice bake & salad
Fruit & yoghurt
Baked dinner – Subject to approval from the birthday boy, I haven’t had a chance to ask him what he wants yet.
Rice pudding
Pizza – We’re (alright, Adam is) running a D&D game for Dave and a few friends for Dave’s 11th birthday and there’s really no choice involved, if you’re role-playing you eat pizza, that’s all there is to it.
Ice cream. And birthday cake presumably….god help me, he wants something with a dragon.
Soup and bread
Fruit & yogurt

2 thoughts on “Menu plan 7th April 08

  1. Sounds delicious! Any chance of posting your Mango curry recipe? It’s something I hadn’t tried until we moved here but I like it.Also Happy Birthday David!

  2. It’s not a recipe as such, more like a purchase šŸ˜‰ I use Pataks Mango simmer sauce, it’s super quick and easy. Follow the instructions on the jar, bung some rice in the rice cooker and if I’m feeling particularly energetic, do some microwaved steamed veg and a few pappadums.

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