I do have a life. Really.

I don’t normally spend Saturday evening writing schedules, doing meal plans and thinking about grocery shopping, but that’s what I’ve been doing tonight. See, I had this sudden realisation that the week ahead of me is going to take some very careful scheduling if we are going to survive it, especially as I managed to completely fail to notice that Tom’s drama school’s local 3:30pm and 6:30pm shows will clash with Caitlin’s school dance group’s 45 minute drive away 5:00pm performance next Saturday. It’s a good thing I’d also failed to buy tickets for the dance performance thus making decisions … Continue reading I do have a life. Really.

Menu plan Monday

I can’t get my printer to work so I’m putting this here instead of pinning it to my notice board in the kitchen. It’s probably no more likely to get looked at here than as a file on my laptop, but it makes me feel better. Day Date Breakfast Lunch Activities Dinner Mon 7/6/10 Cereal, toast and fruit Vegetable & barley soup 5:30pm DramaGrandy for dinner Bangers and mash Fruit & yogurt Tues 8/6/10 Porridge Packed lunch at office 8:15am TutoringSports uniforms for Tom & Cait7pm P&C Band meeting Spaghetti Bolognese + saladRhubarb & apple crumble Wed 9/6/10 Cereal, toast … Continue reading Menu plan Monday

Making plans

No resolutions, no grand plans for the year, no lists of things to accomplish. Just the intention to plan ahead a little bit at a time and try not to let things get too overwhelming. By the end of last year I was really not doing too well, I had made too many commitments and left myself stretched way too thin. I kept thinking it should be ok, I wasn’t really short of time and other people were managing to do as much and more without crumbling into a heap. But I’m not other people, I’m me and I have … Continue reading Making plans

My ultimate meal plan?

I’ve written many meal plans over the years and when I have one we invariably eat better and buy much less takeaway than in the weeks without plans. There’s something about the never-ending decision making of “what are we having for dinner?” that really gets to me, I’d like someone else to choose! So I try and do all the deciding in one go and get all the shopping done and then not have to think about it for a while. Problem is I kept getting caught up in trying to do New and Different and Interesting all the time … Continue reading My ultimate meal plan?

Menu plan 8 Sept 08

My challenge to myself this week is to actually stick to this plan, just for a change you understand. Last week’s plan suffered the usual fate of changed plans and tail end of the week exhaustion. I still didn’t get my Japanese takeaway. I wound up cooking a huge beef casserole in the crockpot on Saturday to use up some meat from the freezer that was looking a bit worse for wear (freezer burn), we’ll be having that re-heated on Tuesday, and the Father’s Day baked dinner turned into a visit to Flavour of Brazil (which I discovered through this … Continue reading Menu plan 8 Sept 08

Menu plan 1 Sept 08

Let’s not talk about how things went last week. I think only 2 nights went according to plan, it’s all a bit of a horrible blur really. However, one of the on plan nights was the crockpot coconut beef and it was good. MondaySpaghetti BologneseFruit & yoghurtTuesdayHoney lamb casserole & rice – it’s in the freezer ready to reheatFruit & yoghurtWednesdayOven baked crumbed chicken, noodles & steamed vegIce cream & fruitThursdayJapanese takeaway – last week we ended up with KFC instead of Japanese so I’m still craving thisFruit & yoghurtFridayOven fish & chips with steamed vegFruit & yoghurtSaturdayLamb Rogan Josh … Continue reading Menu plan 1 Sept 08

Menu plan 25 Aug 08

Last weeks plan didn’t survive the “I don’t want what you’re cooking” incident. I was so exhausted on Friday (this going to work business is killing me) that I went to bed and left Adam to cook the sausages he’d rejected the night before. Tonight the plan is to grab a quick meal out before going to the movies. Caitlin and I are going to see Mamma Mia, the boys may or may not join us. Adam is off to the US on Monday so I’m looking to keep things as easy as possible this week, he gets back on … Continue reading Menu plan 25 Aug 08

Menu plan 18 Aug 08

Damn I’m exhausted. There’s no way I can face both grocery shopping with the kids AND cooking tonight so home delivered pizza it is. I’ll drag myself up to the shops once the kids are in bed.Last week’s plan worked out pretty well. We swapped Wednesday with Friday and Caitlin had her instant noodles when we were eating roast goat on a spit on Saturday night. MondayPizzaFruit & yoghurtTuesdayHoney lamb casserole, rice and broccoliIce cream & fruitWednesdayBBQ seafood kebabs (garlic prawns, tuna, scallops), rice and stir fry vegCrepes – didn’t manage this last week, shall try againThursdaySausages, mashed potato & … Continue reading Menu plan 18 Aug 08