Menu plan 14 April 08

Last week’s plan held up ok-ish. The beef casserole I cooked was one with onions, carrots and green capsicum and cheesy herb dumplings which was a new recipe for the kids so I reckon I can count that as my new meal for the month. I had cooked it before though, many years ago, I’ll be doing it again for sure, I’d forgotten how good it was! My Wednesday got gobbled up by school stuff and I didn’t manage to go shopping so we had takeaway fish and chips instead of the fish parcels and Thursday turned into a spag bol night for the same reason. Friday’s birthday baked dinner was a monumental effort but very well received so that was worth doing 🙂 and I didn’t have to make a dragon cake in the end – phew!

I was almost not going to bother with a plan for this week given that it’s school holidays but that seemed to be a sure fire way to end up eating badly all week so I’ve made the effort. Now all I have to do is clean up the kitchen enough to be able to cook in it, there’s still remnants of the party strewn all over the benches.

Chicken noodle soup
Apple and blackberry crumble
BBQ fish cutlets & oven wedges
Fruit and yoghurt
BBQ steak & sausages with jacket potato and corn on the cob.
Ice cream and fruit
Chicken rice bake & salad
Fruit & yoghurt
Fruit & yoghurt
We’re off to Melbourne for Sue and Darren‘s wedding and mum has the kids for 2 nights
Still in Melbourne

3 thoughts on “Menu plan 14 April 08

  1. Miss Mim – menu plan looks interesting! Glad it’s ‘working’ for you. Enjoy the wedding – we’re off to one this weekend as well.And thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I didn’t notice Em had her thumb up in that picture till lunchtime when my dad pointed it out :-)Take care friend.Nat

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