To sprawl or to snuggle that is the question

Clara had been an outside dog before she came to live with us (what with her family renting the house they were in and all) but lounges seemed to hold no mystery at all. She knew exactly what they were for as soon as she saw them.

When no-one else is sitting in the lounge room this is her favourite spot.


(Ye gods my lounge looks filthy in the light of the flash!)


Did something just go click?

However, as enjoyable as a good sprawl is, should mummy sit down for even a moment, well, then there’s snuggling to be done.


So here I sit with my laptop balanced on one knee and the sound of gentle snores coming from the other.

It’s slightly awkward really.

4 thoughts on “To sprawl or to snuggle that is the question

  1. So are the cats planning some kind of military coup in the night?Nice to see she has settled so well…

  2. Ah, the cats. Samantha has taken up permanent residence in the top clothes drawer in Tom’s bedroom cupboards and Jack condescends to enter the house only for as long as it takes to bolt down his food after which he demands to be released to the safety of the front yard. We’re keeping Clara downstairs once we go to bed at night with the stairwell door shut so the cats can have free range of upstairs, the whole introduction and acclimatization thing is going very slowly.

  3. Lol I have exactly the same problem although it’s 2 sneaky Siamese cats snuggling me and I usually have a wriggly baby on my lap who grabs at tails and whiskers making snuggling a extreme sport

  4. Mim – she is absolutely gorgeous and it’s so fantastic to see that she’s settled in so well! Clara is a very lucky dog to have found you.Nat

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