It’s a little disconcerting really

If, when I am sitting at the dinner table, eating my meal, I happen to look slightly to my right and down under the kitchen bench at the end of the table, this is what I see: Her eyes follow every move of food from my plate to my mouth with ferocious concentration. And the occasional imperative growl. Which never fails to make me laugh, but which worries me because what on earth is a guest going to think if an enormous black dog sits by their elbow at the dinner table and growls at them? (Yes, she does get … Continue reading It’s a little disconcerting really

Sundays in my City

Hosted by Unknown Mami After our busy furniture rearranging day yesterday we took it easy this morning and ended up having breakfast at about 11am. Dave and I went and did the grocery shopping while Adam, Tom and Caitlin baked choc chip cookies and brownies. Then after lunch (which we ate at 3:30pm) we put the Anglo Saxon style leg of lamb in the oven to slow cook and headed over to my Mum’s place for a walk. My Aunty Liz and Uncle Rob and my Dad had been at Mum’s for lunch so altogether there were 10 of us … Continue reading Sundays in my City

Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday is a weekly meme hosted by The Girl Next Door Grows Up (click the button above to go visit her). This week Liz at Eternal Lizdom has stepped up to the mark to host while The Girl has a break. I’ve seen Liz and others post to the meme over past weeks, it’s a nice warm fuzzy idea and I could do with some warm fuzziness, so I’m joining in. I’m going with the list prompt – 5 things that made you really happy this week. 1. Our Yulefest holiday At the end of last week we … Continue reading Feel Good Friday

Fragments from a fractured week

Hosted by Mrs4444. I’ve had better weeks than this one just gone, but I’ve had worse too. I’m writing this sitting in my sun drenched lounge room looking out at blue sky and listening to birds in the garden and thinking life’s not so bad really. It helps that I’ve just unloaded all the brain clutter from the week here for your entertainment. Or not. Whatever 🙂 **** On Wednesday morning I was woken early by Jack as he sneaked up on to the end of our bed and stealthily crept right up my leg, over my hip and settled … Continue reading Fragments from a fractured week