Menu plan 26 May 08

Last week in review: Monday and Tuesday happened as planned, Wednesday’s fish morphed into Chinese takeaway (thanks Dad for going to pick it up, nothing like being invited over for dinner and then having to bring it with you), Thursday ended up being reheated beef bourguignon instead of the chicken casserole, David refused to eat the shepherds pie on Friday, we had homemade pizza on Saturday and last night we went out for teppanyaki at Fujiya in Gordon and it was good. I’m getting heartily sick of being bombarded with interrogations about “what’s for dessert?” before I’m anywhere near finishing my meal, particularly when the answer “fruit and yoghurt” is met with groans and protestations. I’m thiiiiis close to declaring our house a dessert free zone.

Baked dinner – leg of lamb
Apple crumble & custard
Steak, jacket potato, corn on the cob & salad
Fruit & yoghurt
Grilled fish, oven wedges & salad – we’ll try this again.
Rice pudding
Chicken Korma curry & rice
Fruit & yoghurt
Homemade pizza – there’s ingredients left over from last week, better not let them go to waste!
Ice cream & fruit
Spag bol
Fruit & yoghurt
Left-overs – we’ll have been at Family Fun Day at the school most of the day and I sincerely doubt anyone will be coming home hungry.

One thought on “Menu plan 26 May 08

  1. I so like your menu plans. I tend to do these too, on a Thursday evening so I can do the shopping on Friday. They usually work quite well, except for the occasions when the kitchen and I have a temporary breakdown in our relationship. I find that the weekly plan frees me up to be a bit more creative – I schedule in ‘new’ dishes – and I don’t ever get stressed about what to feed the kids.I think I’m going to ‘borrow’ some of your planned meals for my next menu.

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