Adventures in dog ownership

Bloody dogs, in particular the ones which escape from backyards and wander the streets unattended.

So. Brendan (who, I might point out, REALLY doesn’t like dogs) and I were walking Clara up to the school to meet the kids and we get stopped by this guy who is looking for Pymble Station, had no map, no idea where he was and found it really hard to believe he was actually closer to Thornleigh than Pymble. And while I was futilely trying to explain, this bloody great bulldog turns up and starts trying to make friends with Clara. None of the handful of people out in the street knew this dog but I presume it was from somewhere local. It was about Clara’s height but nearly twice her bulk, friendly enough, all tail wagging and playful, but Clara was not happy, she was all jumpy and beginning to get growly. It was just a bit too full on for her (not to mention Bren!). I had to get Bren to take Clara on ahead while I held the bulldog. No tags on its collar. Kids are waiting at school. What the hell do I do now?!

Once Bren was well out of sight I tried letting go of the dog, it started to wander off in the other direction, so I began to hope I’d be able to catch up with Bren without an extra dog in tow. Then suddenly it turned and bolted past me. Crap! I ran after it, don’t know why I bothered really, there was no way I was going catch it :P, and was relieved to discover it was making a beeline for another dog being walked by a young bloke. He very kindly said he was ok to have the bulldog follow him seeing as his dog was old, half-blind, very placid and apparently barely aware of the bulldog. So I thanked him profusely and buggered off to catch up with Bren.

We made it by the skin of our teeth to be in time to get the kids.

I seemed to have pulled a calf muscle (that’s what I get for running) and my shoulder is a bit sore too from holding a bloody great muscle-bound bulldog by the collar when it really wanted to go THAT WAY!!!!

I think I need a stiff drink.

Bren may need therapy.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in dog ownership

  1. OMG Mim – I’m glad you’re all ok!I really just wanted to say THANK YOU – I mean that. I’m buying a new domain so that I can move my Emalee stuff off the weight loss blog…I have a feeling that tomorrow may dawn a brand new day of battle lines being drawn between me and them. Your comments touched me – here you are, a virtual stranger, and I feel totally supported by you.Thank you. Seriously – from the bottom of *our* collective heart.Love Nat

  2. Just as an update I typed pretty prophetic words on here last night – battle lines were firmly drawn. None of it was favourable I don’t think.Sigh. Why did I think I could change the system? Thanks for your support anyway.N

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