So, I’m walking up the drive to a friend’s house carrying a bag with sushi for lunch in one hand and Tom’s bag containing a small statue of a lizard in the other (don’t ask). My ankle twists. I lurch sideways, trying to regain my footing. Discover that the ground is not where it is supposed to be and go crashing down.

My subconscious does a rapid calculation of the relative value of intact bones v. edible lunch + unbroken lizard statue and both bags go flying. Not quite quickly enough though as one hand was still more fist-shaped than otherwise and I end up punching the paving with my right hand while falling very heavily on the outside edge of my left leg.


and whimper

and OW again.

Freaked the kids out no end, they all hovered around me “MUM! Are you OK?!”. They gathered up the bags (miraculously both lunch and lizard escaped unscathed) and tried to help me up. I actually had to just sit there for a few minutes till I’d stopped shaking and convinced myself I hadn’t broken anything.

As we continued on up the drive Tom commented “It’s good you’re not going to be in hospital for weeks and weeks, ’cause if you were it would be really hard for Dad to look after us!”

(Yeah, I’m ok, just a bit bruised and limping slightly. Oh, and my hand looks like I’ve been in a fist fight.)

6 thoughts on “Ow

  1. Ow. Yes, Ow.Is your dear hubby all set for dinner? Mine had reorganised his Singapore trip to be back in time.You notice it is he going to Singapore and not me. Not that I’m bitter.

  2. I just asked him, he said “Yeah, I think so…”I was just thinking this afternoon I ought to check with mum that she did in fact put it in her diary.(See, I haven’t forgotten this time!)

  3. He is expected to organise the wenches…I am currently nursing a croupy baby wondering whether I will be visiting RPAH tonight…

  4. Ouch. Funny how the kids always put their own spin on it! Anyway, hope the bruises are feeling better soon.

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