I want to be an achiever…

…like Bad Horse.

The thoroughbred of sin?

I meant Gandhi.

He saw the operation
You tried to pull today
But your humiliation
Means he still votes neigh

And now assassination
Is just the only way
There will be blood
It might be yours

So go kill someone
Signed Bad Horse.

The suspense is killing me, we’d better get to meet this Bad Horse character!

It sure was nice to meet you…Doctor.

I don’t go to the gym.

These? Are not the hammer.

…the hammer is my penis.

(Just because I could *glee!*)

One thought on “I want to be an achiever…

  1. “still votes neigh”Sooo awesome.I can’t believe James still hasn’t seen it. Our interweb connection at home is really slow and makes it impossible to watch.SoooooTomorrow James will come into my work and I’ll be screening it on the overhead doodah (once library shuts)YAY big screen goodness.

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